15 Jun 2012

Legacies and donations : possible all year long

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The size of the investments needed to develop treatments and fund clinical trials involves constant effort over several years. By transmitting part of your estate to AFM-Téléthon, you help ensure its long-term research projects.

What is the difference between a legacy and a donation?

A legacy is a provision by which you can give all or part of your property through a will; transmission of the property will take place at the time of your death.

A donation is a provision by which you hand over property irrevocably; the transmission takes place while you are still alive.

What are the different types of legacy?

- Specific legacy: The legator (person who is giving) makes a specific legacy by leaving one or more defined objects (e.g. house, sum of money) to a named person.

- Residual legacy: A residual legacy is an item in a will by which the legator leaves a share or fraction of his property to a person (e.g. a quarter of my possessions). The property thus bequeathed is not written or named individually.

- General legacy: The legator bequeaths all the property left at his death to one or more named people.

How to make a donation

A donation must be made through an act witnessed by a solicitor.

What can I bequeath?

You can bequeath all or part of your property, for example a bank account, a property holding or all of your estate.

Will the Government claim transfer tax?

As a public utility Association, AFM-Téléthon is exempt from payment of transfer tax; all of your legacy or donation will be used by AFM-Téléthon for its social missions.

And your heirs?

Your legacy or donation can only be processed in so far as it does not affect the rights of your heirs for whom (in France) the law reserves a part of your estate (your forced heirs). For example, if you have two children, you can only give one third of your heritage as a legacy or donation.

Make a legacy for AFM-Téléthon

If you wish to bequeath something to AFM-Téléthon, we would draw your attention to the association's exact name and head office which must appear in the will:


Institut de Myologie

47-83 boulevard de l'Hôpital

75651 Paris Cedex 13

If you would like further information on how to draw up your will, make your donation or about the procedure for making a gift, do not hesitate to contact us.