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Since 1 person in 20 is affected by a rare disease, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) sponsors research on biotherapies, an innovative route. Thanks to your donations, new therapies developed by AFM-Téléthon have already led to major advances in treatment for rare diseases. These treatments may also help treat more common diseases or certain accidental lesions.

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How to donate

It is thanks to the generosity of its donors that AFM-Téléthon is able to develop its knowledge and tools to cure rare and common diseases, as well as support social and technological innovation to maintain the autonomy of heavily dependent people.
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Legacies and donations : possible all year long

The size of the investments needed to develop treatments and fund clinical trials involves constant effort over several years. By transmitting part of your estate to AFM-Téléthon, you help ensure its long-term research projects.