15 Jun 2012

Institute of Myology: Muscle expertise

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Created in 1996 by AFM-Téléthon using Telethon donations, the Institute of Myology is a centre of expertise unique in Europe, devoted to muscles.

A reference centre

The Institute of Myology combines treatment and teaching in a single research unit, to understand, treat and cure neuromuscular diseases.

It is a reference centre for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of neuromuscular diseases. In 2004, a clinic for peripheral nerve diseases also opened here.

The distinctive feature of the Institute of Myology is that it has combined diagnostic work and traditional clinical monitoring with pioneer work in terms of genetic consultancy and psychological treatment.

A platform for research and clinical trials

The Institute of Myology undertakes applied and fundamental clinical research activities. Its research and clinical trial activities concern genetics, physiopathology, psychology or new therapeutic approaches, whether in gene therapy, cell therapy, pharmacological treatment or even retraining for strength.

For this, it relies on a network of partners such as Inserm (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research), AP-HP, CEA, Pierre et Marie Curie university and the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). The Institute of Myology also collaborates with two mixed research units, UMRS 9774 (Thomas Voit) unit and UMRS 787 (David Sassoon) unit. It also has a laboratory for muscle physiology and evaluation (Jean-Yves Hogrel), a nuclear magnetic resonance laboratory (Pierre Carlier), a histopathology laboratory (Norma Beatriz Romero) and the Myobank-AFM tissue bank.

A centre for training and information about muscles

The Institute of Myology is also organising the dissemination of myology, with raining and teaching activities. It takes part in three diploma courses: the Diplôme Inter-Universitaire (DIU - inter-university diploma) in myology, the Diplôme d’Université"(DU - university diploma) for "providing care for people suffering from genetic diseases and their families" and the Diplôme Inter-Universitaire (DIU) in "psychopathology & neurological pathologies". It also organises an annual summer school in myology, open to researchers and physicians from abroad or French overseas departments and territories.

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