After 25 years of research supported by the Telethon, the first treatments for rare and neuromuscular diseases are seeing the light of day. The French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) has adopted a strategy which benefits as many people as possible: to use models of rare diseases to explore therapeutic approaches which are sometimes also applicable to common diseases.

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Innovations for patients

Through Telethon donations, AFM-Téléthon does not only explore innovative approaches to treating rare diseases. It also fights so that patients can be a full part of society. Telethon donations also help develop innovative products which enable handicapped people to carry out their daily activities again.
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Biotherapies Institute for Rare Diseases

Founded in 2011, the Institute for biotherapies for rare diseases gathers the Institute of Myology, Généthon and I-Stem. An initiative absolutely unique in the world.
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Call for proposals

AFM-Téléthon supports projects following Call for Proposals after review by its Scientific Council or by Committees of Experts. Composed of volunteer scientists and clinicians, AFM-Téléthon´s Scientific Council is an advisory organ and also makes proposals.
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Research tools

In order to develop innovative treatments you must have the right tools: vector production centres, screening platforms, databases and tissue banks.
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Developing innovative therapies

Correcting a defective gene, inserting a gene-drug, grafting cells capable of regenerating healthy tissue: AFM-Téléthon paves the way for the medicine of the future and supports nearly 40 human trials.