First successes

Ever since the first Telethon was launched, spectacular progress has been made thanks to the funds that were collected, including discoveries for many rare diseases. More than 80% of them are of genetic origins.

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Years of fighting for AFM-Téléthon

Since the 1st Telethon, AFM-Téléthon has fought with the conviction that only concentrated means can produce significant results. This is why it decided to implement a successful strategy which benefits all genetic and rare diseases and even more common diseases. Through the support of its donors and with the boldness of those with nothing to lose, AFM has made the impossible possible.
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Advances in rare diseases

With the support of its donors, AFM-Téléthon is helping develop new treatments which have proved their efficacy for the first patients and are providing medicine with new tools and new approaches which can be used to fight all diseases. In less than 20 years, gene therapy has moved from the exploratory stage to therapeutic reality for the first diseases, such as immunodeficiencies or adrenoleukodystrophy. Stem cells are also revealing promising prospects for the medicine of the future. Read six stories which illustrate the progress made using Telethon support.