07 Dec 2015

Telethon fundraising event 2015 : 80 251 183 euros. More than ever THANK YOU!

Illustration for article: Telethon fundraising event 2015 : 80 251 183 euros. More than ever THANK YOU!
At the end of a 30-hour TV marathon, the Telethon counter displays an extraordinary result of 80 251 183 euros.
This outstanding outcome shows the support from millions of French citizens to the Telethon fight against rare diseases, including from London, New-York, Budapest…A strong visual symbol  remains the enlightened Towers of different cities all over France: Mulhouse, Grenoble, Marseille, Rouen, Nantes and Paris.
This public supportive movement gives a special vibrance to the event this year. It witnesses to the renewed faith of the French people throughout 20 000 local events which took place in 1 out 3 towns across the country.
It provides researchers with new means to accelerate their scientific plans: “this endorsement of an exceptional scale makes us feel stronger, more responsible and more determined to lead the fight to its end. I promise you: like you, we’re not giving up”, said Laurence Tiennot-Herment, the AFM-Telethon chairman.
On behalf of the families and researchers, AFM-Telethon thanks the artist Marc Lavoine, the event’s mentor who made it an emotional moment. It also thanks volunteers, partners, voluntary performing artists and TV broadcasters and journalists… With special thanks also to France Television group for its’ teams reactivity  and professionalism who, in a record time, could adapt the initial event plan and concept to changes due to Paris attacks whilst preserving its lustre!
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