16 Mar 2016

Dr. Odile Boespflug-Tanguy, new president of the AFM-Téléthon Scientific Council

Illustration for article: Dr. Odile Boespflug-Tanguy, new president of the AFM-Téléthon Scientific Council
The handover is occurring today at Myology 2016.
Dr. Odile Boespflug-Tanguy, pediatric neurologist and coordinator of the reference centre for leukodystrophies at Robert Debré hospital (Paris), head of research at Inserm (French Institute of Health and Medical Research), becomes the new president of the AFM-Téléthon Scientific Council. She succeeds Dr. Naomi Taylor who was holding this position since 2010. The handover is occurring today during the plenary session of the Scientific Council at Myology 2016, the AFM-Téléthon congress currently taking place in Lyon. Being a researcher as well as a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Odile Boespflug-Tanguy wants to bring a new vision, both scientific and clinical, to the 8th Scientific Council of AFM-Téléthon, while therapeutic pathways and trials keep multiplying.
The Scientific Council assists the Association for the definition and the implementation of its policy and scientific strategy. It is composed of a hundred experts well-known in their fields (biologists, pharmacists, doctors, specialists of animal models, of toxicology, of regulatory affairs, of drug development…), all volunteers and counting 40% of foreigners. The Scientific Council assesses the scientific projects suggested by AFM-Téléthon, especially as part of its call for bids, and hands down its advices to the Association’s executive Board, which takes the decision as a last resort. It also suggests research topics to explore and estimates a priori and a posteriori the scientific quality of the projects based on an international network of 5,000 external experts.
“Being a researcher, as well as a geneticist and a pediatric neurologist, I think it is as a doctor of the interface between clinic and research that I am now the most useful to patients. It’s in this spirit that I’ve worked with the AFM-Téléthon Scientific Council for at least 10 years.” declared Dr. Odile Boespflug-Tanguy.