01 Sep 2014

Cure through innovation : our new version is online

Illustration for article: Cure through innovation : our new version is online
Since it was created, AFM-Téléthon does all it can to accomplish its goals and its conviction that a cure is possible.Discover our new version of the brochure "Cure through innovation"
"L'AFM-Téléthon is above all an organization combining volunteers and paid staff guided purely by the interests of the patients and the urgency of the progressive diseases. Today we are approaching the phase which should lead to the delivery of treatments for patients."
Laurence Tiennot-Herment, Présidente de l’AFM-Téléthon

Three missions defined by statutes of the Association:

  • Cure (Research & development of therapies)
  • Help (patients and their families)
  • Communicate(communication related to social missions/aims)


A goal which remains unchanged: to beat the disease

A strategy of general interest which gives priority to boldness and innovation to eradicate all rare diseases and benefit the disabled

An exceptional popular momentum through the Téléthon

Millions of persons have participated in the French Téléthon, which is a festive and supportive event at the beginning of December. A strong and faithful engagement which makes it possible for AFM-Téléthon to continue its fight against the disease.