28 Mar 2019

85 844 117 euros - #Telethon2018 #Thankyou #Amazingdonors

Illustration for article: 85 844 117 euros - #Telethon2018 #Thankyou #Amazingdonors
The final result of the Telethon 2018 reaches 85 844 117 euros*. This extraordinary result, achieved in particularly difficult circumstances, demonstrates once again the utmost loyalty of the French people towards the struggle of affected families.
Last December 7th and 8th, the Telethon 2018 shared its greatest victories against the disease, and donors could measure how much their support can change patients’ life. The first drugs are available, and clinical trials multiply: the world of rare diseases has changed, and it is thanks to this extraordinary popular mobilization for the Telethon, which is unique in the world.  
« This Telethon 2018 marked a turning point in our history. We saw, for the first time, overwhelming images of children who regained strength thanks to gene therapy. We heard testimonies of patients who regained a normal life despite suffering from diseases that were considered as incurable. This demonstrates how much the struggle we have been waging for 30 years is bearing fruit! I thank donors, volunteers and partners from the bottom of my heart for these first victories and the ones to come.” said Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of AFM-Telethon.
*It was 69 290 089 € at the end of the television broadcast.