31 May 2012

Telethon: 200,000 volunteers

Illustration for article: Telethon: 200,000 volunteers
The French Telethon calls on some 200,000 volunteers, that organize about 20,000 local events, all around the country in order to raise funds.

Everyone can join in!

The volunteers involved in the Telethon come from many backgrounds: athletes, students, retirees, company employees or members of AFM-Téléthon partner associations, etc. Some are affected by a rare disease, but most are simply supportive of the families affected.

Meet locally in support of a cause

These volunteers play a key role: members of the Lions' Clubs work to set up centres for donation pledges made by calling 3637 and take donors' phone calls; postal employees take turns over the thirty hours of the show to sort the mail sent out to donors who promised donations by calling 3637, for example. Volunteers are also the organisers of some 20,000 sporting and entertainment events organised throughout the country to raise funds.