31 May 2012

More than 500 professionals provide their expertise

Illustration for article: More than 500 professionals provide their expertise
The average workforce of the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) totals about 543 employees, of which almost 76 % are allocated to its missions: to cure diseases, help patients and provide information about research and rare diseases.

Five departments at the heart of the combat

At headquarters in Evry (Essonne), five departments work on AFM-Téléthon missions:

  • the Scientific Department, in charge of exploring all the emerging therapeutic pathways and supporting fundamental research into treatments;
  • the Medical Operations Department, monitors the quality and standardisation of patient care and ensures that patients benefit from research advances;
  • the Family Operations Department, helps compensate for disabilities and supports patients and their families in achieving their goals;
  • the Advocacy Department, monitors patients' benefits in legislative developments and provides legal support for families when necessary;
  • the Communications Department, which informs, raises awareness, shares knowledge, looks after contact with public authorities and harnesses the association's actions.

A local network

To take action as close to patients and their families as possible, AFM-Téléthon also has 19 regional services centers, which totals about 160 professionals in the healthcare and social welfare sector.

A health-care structure

AFM-Téléthon also manages an accommodation and care centre for adult patients who are highly dependent: the Yolaine-de-Kepper residence which employs about 130 professionals including physicians, nurses and occupational therapists.