31 May 2012

The Board of Directors: Patients’ power

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The French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) is an association of activists directly concerned by neuromuscular diseases. Patients and their families decide on AFM-Téléthon’ strategy.

Members called on to vote every year

All decisions taken by AFM-Téléthon are guided by the urgent need to overcome neuromuscular disease and work in patients' interests. It is the patients and their families who are at the core of the association’s operations through two entities: the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors. The annual general meeting is held every year in June, during the Journées des Familles (Family Days). At this time, members vote on the association's policy and the moral and financial report.

Board members affected by the disease

They also elect the Board of Directors, which is itself composed only of patients and their families. They define AFM-Téléthon's policy and actions and decide on its financial commitments.

The AFM Board of Directors elected on June 24th, 2017 :

  • Laurence Tiennot-Herment, Chairman
  • François Lamy, Vice-Chairman, research manager
  • Jean-François Malaterre, Vice-Chairman, medical and social manager
  • Marina Roussel, Vice-Chairman, in charge of the Telethon
  • Benoit Rengade, Secretary
  • Marie-Christine Loys, Treasurer
  • Patrick Bernuchon, Member of the Board
  • Stéphane Berthelemy, Member of the Board
  • Franck Capillery, Member of the Board
  • Marguerite Friconneau, Member of the Board
  • Camille Gendron, Member of the Board
  • Christine Job, Member of the Board
  • Liliane Juin, Member of the Board
  • François Lamy, Member of theBoard
  • Claude Martelet, Member of the Board
  • Alexandre Mejat, Member of the Board
  • Patricia Olie, Member of the Board
  • Marie-Christine Ouillade, Member of the Board
  • Françoise Salama, Member of the Board
  • Laure Saraillon, Member of the Board 
  • Julia Tabath, Member of the Board
  • Hanane Zarrouki, Member of the Board