Financial rigor, transparency and efficiency. These values are the basis for any action decided by AFM-Téléthon, particularly in terms of finance. The challenge: secure the Telethon funds as well as the actions in favour of patients.

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Expenses 2016

Since the first Telethon in 1987, AFM has taken care to allocate at least 80% of the money collected to its missions: to cure neuromuscular diseases, help patients, provide information to boost research progress and provide treatment and improve the daily life.
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Another priority for the association is to secure the programs that were launched in order to cure the diseases and help patients. Hence, the organisation must manage the potential risk that the Telethon donations might decrease. That’s why AFM-Téléthon has financial reserves. The association also needs to diversify its sources of income.
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AFM-Téléthon has voted governance rules that guarantee rigor and efficiency in the use of Telethon donations. It has developed process and internal controls for its expenses and voluntarily engaged in a process for external certification.