18 Jun 2012

Programs for social innovation and for family support

Illustration for article: Programs for social innovation and for family support
AFM-Telethon is developing an innovative strategy to improve patients’ autonomy and citizenship, and also supports families. Autonomy, personal development, help to the caregivers, technical helps… The association is exploring many development possibilities. You can help.


  • The family respite village

Family caregivers have a strategic role in patients’ lives: thanks to them, patients can live at home and undertake projects. But this commitment is often exhausting, both physically and psychologically. Stress, cardiovascular disorders, fatigue, sleeping disorder, depression… Symptoms can be serious and this problem is a main concern for AFM-Telethon.
In this context, AFM-Telethon and Pro-BTP have developed a concept and a partnership: the Family Respite Village, a resort where caregivers and patients can relax together without dealing with daily concerns. The patient is fully taken care of, and the caregivers can enjoy many activities. 
AFM-Telethon is planning to build a Family Respite Village in the Jura region with 13  adapted cottages, 1 cottage with 2 studios and 1 cottage for 3 people. The village will have a total capacity of 80 people.
The total budget is 5 million euros.

How to get involved?

You can support patients and their families by helping fund this project of by becoming a “skills sponsor” (material, technical and human resources, that are made available by your company).
200,000 euros (80,000 euros after tax deduction) = 1 respite house built.
  • Patients’ training program

This program has one goal: allowing dependents to gain autonomy and to develop personal projects. These training sessions can be one or several days long. Trainees learn how to take care from themselves, how to use a sophisticated technical aid or a computer.

How to get involved?

Support patients by funding those training programs.
A one-week training session for 12 to 15 people = 11,000 euros (4,400 euros after tax deduction).
Goal : 10 sessions/year.
  • Caregivers’ training program

The caregiver plays a decisive role in the daily fight against the disease and for the patient to be able to stay at home and to have a real life project.
In order to help the caregivers deal with the disease and help in the best possible way, AFM-Telethon offers many training sessions that are entirely aimed at them) (about exhaustion and communication, for example).
These sessions are not only about training, they also show the caregiver that he’s supported. He can also meet other caregivers and take a break. Meanwhile, patients are taken care of by AFM-Telethon’s staff.

How to get involved?

Help caregivers to deal with the disease by funding these specific training sessions.
1 training session for caregivers = 5,135 euros (2,054 euros after tax deduction).
Goal: 10 sessions/year.
  • Whing electric wheelchair

Whing is the first electric wheelchair that was created as a real vehicle in order to give more autonomy comfort, mobility, modernity and daily services to disabled people. It was developed with AFM-Telethon’s partner, Ségula Technologies. Whing required 60,000 hours of research and development.
This multi-position wheelchair offers an impressive amount of innovations that will change autonomy and daily life for patients. The price is very competitive: about 40% below market prices.

How to get involved?

AFM-Telethon is seeking sponsors to fund the purchase of 40 wheelchairs. They will be available for free, for families who are facing an emergency: replacement of wheelchair, breakdown, repair, etc.
1 wheelchair for AFM-Telethon’s lending stock = 17,500 euros (7,000 euros after tax deduction).
Goal : 40 wheelchairs.