14 Jun 2012

Cell production and storage

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Cells are a basic tool for research and cell therapy. They must therefore be produced and studied from every angle to understand why they are defective or if they display good therapeutic potential.

Cell production

Conscious of needs for all types of cells (myoblasts, stem cells, iPS cells) for research and treatment of muscular diseases, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) supports cell production and storage structures as well as studies.

It therefore supports the activities several of its partners:

  • I-Stem, which manages automatic mass production of stem cells.
  • Myosix, which is particularly specialised in the production of myoblasts.
  • Trophos which develops "model neurons" for use in screening candidate-drugs.

Cell investigation

AFM-Téléthon, which is particularly interested in neuromuscular diseases, supports research into the differentiation and characteristics of striated and cardiac muscle cells.

It also supports work on stem cells and iPS, providing aid to structures such as the Centre d'Etude des Cellules Souches (CECS - Stem cell study centre) at Evry (France) and the Institut Cochin created in 2002 within the Cochin-Port-Royal University Hospital in Paris (France).