Our laboratories


Genethon, a pioneer and leader laboratory in gene therapy

In 1990, creation of Genethona pioneering genetics and gene therapy laboratory for rare diseases. Between 1992 and 1996, Genethon published the first maps of the human genome and made them available, free of patents, to the scientific research community. Genethon is now entirely devoted to designing and developing gene therapy drugs. Boasting more than 200 specialists and 19 gene therapy products in clinical trials (12) or in development (7), Genethon has become one of the world leaders in gene therapy.

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Institute of Myology : an international center of expertise in muscle

In 1996, creation of the Institute of Myology, a unique reference center for muscles and muscular disorders that hosts 250 researchers and clinicians dedicated to translational work (basic and applied research, clinical trials, evaluation, treatment, and training).

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I-Stem : Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic diseases

In 2005, creation of I-Stem, 75 experts dedicated to human stem cell research and therapeutic applications for genetic diseases. As of today it has conducted three clinical trials, with two others in preparation.

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