05 Dec 2016

“This 30th Telethon launches a generation of finders!”

Illustration for article: “This 30th Telethon launches a generation of finders!”
The 30th Telethon counter displayed €80,319,113 after the 30-hour TV program.
The 30th Telethon counter displayed €80,319,113 collected after the 30-hour TV program.
But the rallying doesn’t stop now. All week, the 3637 phone line and the website are still open for this great generosity to get bigger, a generosity which has the face of hundreds of thousands of donors and volunteers. This edition marks the achievement of major scientific and therapeutic breakthroughs, initiated thirty years ago, when we were in a medical desert.
A new generation of researchers, of which some weren’t even born thirty years ago, takes up the challenge to make possible what was unattainable. This 30th Telethon launches a generation of finders!” declared Laurence Tiennot-Herment, president of AFM-Téléthon, at the end of the 30 hours.
On behalf of the families and researchers, AFM-Telethon thanks the French people for their generosity, as well as Garou, a wonderful mentor, and all France Televisions’ presenters, journalists and teams who makes this television marathon a unique event.

Together for 30 years

France Televisions et all of its channels are happy and proud to have gone hand in hand with the AFM-telethon’s teams, the volunteers and the families through this 30th edition of the Telethon.
This 30th anniversary, with the outstanding support of Garou alongside Sophie Davant, Nagui, numerous artists and former mentors, was an occasion for all to attend and put their talent and generosity at everyone’ service.
With a 30-hour-long live program and an unprecedented digital cover, the Telethon on France Televisions’ channels is an outstanding and human television adventure, taken up by the rallying of the whole group and teams from the MFP (Multimedia France Productions) production subsidiary to pass on the call for donations, and meet the viewers’ loyalty. 
This year again, all this was made possible thanks to spontaneous solidarity of viewers of bring their support, their attentiveness and their generosity to this great cause.