12 Oct 2021

Telethon 2021: Here we go!

Illustration for article: Telethon 2021: Here we go!
Families, researchers, volunteers, partners… all are ready to organize the 35th Telethon! A crucial event for patients and their family, and for the whole of medicine.

In 35 years, the Telethon changed everything! Year after year, fervent popular support and the generosity and loyalty of all who have donated have led to a scientific and medical revolution, changing the lives of those affected by rare diseases long considered as incurable. Moreover, for many patients still awaiting treatment, the Telethon can change everything again.

Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of AFM-Telethon, considers this 35th Telethon to be crucial:

“Genetic diseases destroyed the lives of our children and families. We had nothing to combat them: no means, no treatments. Resigning ourselves was unthinkable, so we created the Telethon. We wanted to bring research to life. We wanted to revolutionize medicine. Year after year, your loyal support has helped us achieve our goal. (…) Tomorrow, with support from everyone, the Telethon can keep on changing everything! We have led and innovated; we must now strengthen our efforts so we can tell new parents who feel hopeless about a diagnosis: “we have a treatment for your child”. 

Soprano will be the patron of this 35th Telethon. On December 3rd and 4th, the singer-songwriter will join patients, families, researchers and thousands of volunteers across France and in French communities abroad in supporting the fight against rare diseases led by AFM-Telethon. 

The Telethon changed everything. Tomorrow, with support from everyone, it can change everything again!

Do not miss the Telethon on December 3 and 4th 2021!

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