05 Dec 2012

Telethon 2012 : "Dare to win"

Illustration for article: Telethon 2012 : "Dare to win"
“Dare to win” is the campaign slogan for the Telethon 2012. It is also the families’ cry of hope that will be launched to the French public on December 7th and 8th.


The Telethon 2012 brings the first treatments and major therapeutic breakthroughs for rare diseases. But the road is still long.

The Telethon is the event that changed everything for rare diseases. This is also the time when patients and their families can “talk” to the French public about their hopes and challenges of everyday life, including the importance of research.

Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of the AFM-Telethon: “ The mobilisation of citizens during the Telethon gives us the strength to go faster, further, be even more daring and innovative and banish from our vocabulary the words “impossible” and “incurable”. Dare to win!

Innovate at all costs

“Dare to win” also echoes the ambitions of the AFM-Telethon for the next 5 years: continue to be audacious in all circumstances and place innovation at the heart of all the association’s activities, whether it be in research, patient support or defending their rights (in French).

“The strategy that we have defended from the beginning was good, says Laurence Tiennot-Herment. Today, innovative therapies and our actions to drive them are recognised in France and around the world.”

A winning strategy that is the backbone of the AFM-Telethon. Twenty-six years ago, nobody believed in the success of the first Telethon. Since then, rare diseases have emerged from oblivion, the first treatments have appeared, new therapies are being tested ... a real medical revolution has been engaged for the benefit of rare diseases but also for common diseases. In 2012, more than ever, the battle continues. universidade do turkey