05 Jul 2012

Alain Schwenck becomes Director of Genethon Bioprod

Illustration for article: Alain Schwenck becomes Director of Genethon Bioprod
Since April 2nd, Alain Schwenck, 51, is the new director of Genethon Bioprod, the new site for the production of clinical grade-gene therapy medicines for the treatment of rare diseases, created by AFM-Telethon.


Mr. Schwenck is a seasoned expert in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. He began his career at Rhône Poulenc. Since then, he managed several manufacturing plants for leading institutions in the pharmaceutical industry.
Alain Schwenck will bring Genethon Bioprod both his technological and regulatory expertise, as well as that in the organization of industrial production teams: "It is highly stimulating to participate in the development of such a project, given the major recent advances in the field of gene therapy! I am very happy to join Genethon and contribute my expertise to this cutting-edge pharmaceutical company and beyond, to AFM-Téléthon as well."