28 Mar 2014

89,327,268 euros : Promises made, promises kept

Illustration for article: 89,327,268 euros : Promises made, promises kept
89,327,268 euros, this is the final result of the Telethon 2013. A result that far exceeds the counter closed on December 7, but also the total sum of Telethon 2012.

Strength, courage and solidarity

Thanks to the exceptional mobilization of thousands of volunteers and millions of people everywhere in France, fundrising in the 20000 local events rose, on his own, by+ 4%. It shows that, despite a difficult economic environment, the values ​​of strength, courage and solidarity, driven by the struggle of parents, remain those of the French people.

Fundrising 2013 score

3637, Internet   49,9 million EUR
Local events (20000 events)  36,5 million EUR (+4%)
Partners and various (60 companies and federations) 2.9 million EUR
Overall more than 1 million donors

Carry on fighting

With this result, the AFM-Telethon is more than ever determined to continue his fight against the disease.  A struggle taken forward on all fronts from diagnosis to research and development of new therapies for the Man, but also the support of patients and their families.

You can donate during all the year

In 2014, the AFM-Telethon can thus tackle new challenges, discover them (in french)