31 May 2012

The finance committee: 7 independent advisers

Illustration for article: The finance committee: 7 independent advisers
Thoroughness and transparency are two key values of AFM-Téléthon. These values guide its financial management. This is why AFM-Téléthon has set up a Financial Committee made up of seven independent, volunteer advisers.

A consultative body

The Board of Directors decides on AFM-Téléthon's financial policy, based on advice from a Financial Committee. The Financial Committee advises it on the association's financial management methods, gives its advice on financial investment reports and account closure, investment strategy and the budget for the coming year or on internal inspection procedures. The Financial Committee guarantees the thoroughness of the association's financial management.

Members of the Finance Committee as of June 2016:

  • Eric Brossard
  • Lionel Farcy
  • Didier Genet
  • Philippe Peuch-Lestrade
  • Yves de la Poeze
  • Yves Tack