Care mission

Neuromuscular diseases are progressive and severely disabling. AFM-Téléthon develops innovative programs to improve quality healthcare and patients’ autonomy. Patients need to be able to access quality healthcare and to live like everyone else, despite their handicap.

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Accessing quality healthcare

While waiting for a cure, the progression of neuromuscular diseases can be slowed down, and patient life expectancy and quality of life improved. In partnership with the medical sector and using Telethon donations, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) is working towards this goal.
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Innovation for citizenship

Using Telethon donations, AFM-Téléthon helps families affected with a neuromuscular disease in their daily life. The AFM-Téléthon’s goal: to harness the required resources and innovate so that patients and their families can play an active part in their life.
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Our advocacy

AFM-Téléthon works to ensure that public authorities assume their responsibilities relating to rare diseases and disability. It works to obtain recognition of rare diseases as a priority for public health and the French law of 2005 on disabilities.