31 May 2012

Internal controls

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To guarantee to donors that Telethon funds are used to meet its commitments, AFM-Téléthon has set up stringent internal control procedures.

Our commitments

AFM-Téléthon’s responsibility towards donors and families concerned by a rare disease is threefold:

  • to devote most of the Telethon funds to its missions (cure, care, communicate) by reducing its collection and management costs to a minimum;
  • to guarantee its operational efficacy by measuring its results;
  • to ensure total transparency of its financial management and results.

To make sure that these commitments are met, the association has introduced stringent internal control procedures.

Controlling our expenses

Thus, only the board of directors or its office-holders can decide to allocate funding to a third party: for example, for a research project. But, first of all, the association's management control makes sure that the funding is included in the budget and within an authorised legal context. It also ensures that all purchases costing more than €1,000  appear in the budget and that the rule governing supplier competition is complied with. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with the rules allocating the different expenses in the association's resource application account (details of the allocation of donations by type of expense). Objective: to prevent management or collection costs being entered into the accounts as expenses linked to the association's missions, for example.

Assessing our results

Similarly, the efficacy of actions carried out or funded by AFM-Téléthon is regularly assessed: monitoring and evaluation indicators by scientific committee experts for research projects, satisfaction survey for assistance to patients, etc. And, if necessary, corrective actions are implemented.

Constant progress

The association is constantly improving its internal control procedures, with the aim of maintaining a good balance which guarantees the transparency of its financial management and the efficacy of its strategy, without hindering the successful implementation of its actions. AFM-Téléthon is also subject to many external controls.