28 Jun 2016

Resources in 2015

Illustration for article: Resources in 2015
In 2016, the total resources of the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) reached up to €113 million, of which 82.1% (€92.7 million) came from the Téléthon

Donations and legacies raised: €99.4 M (88% of resources)

This sum is mainly from donations collected by the Téléthon, with additional donations and legacies received outside the Téléthon context.

Other proceeds linked to the appeal to public generosity: €3.5M (3.1% of resources)

These include sponsorship revenues and income generated by investments.

Resources not linked to public generosity: €10M (8.9% of resources)

These essentially come from public subsidies - in particular for financing the Yolaine-de-Kepper care facility which is managed by AFM-Téléthon - and income invoiced to partners in sponsorship (e.g. shared income).